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Psychotherapy | Counselling | Personal Development

What's Worrying You?

People come to therapy for many different reasons, for example; to develop a sense of agency over their lives, to work through childhood experiences, to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their loved ones, to explore and challenge behaviours and beliefs that are holding them back. Whatever the reason, it is a brave step to take but not without its rewards.

Ciara has been working as a therapist for the past seventeen years. Based on her extensive experience of working with people from all walks of life she has found that counselling and psychotherapy can help with the following issues:

Depression | Anxiety | Trauma

Sexual Abuse | Shame | Relationship Difficulties

Work Related Issues | Stress & Burnout | Addictions

Self Esteem | Personal Development | Bereavement

Parenting Issues | Life Transitions | Life Crises

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