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My Approach

Attentive Therapist

“Humans’ ability to grow is infinite when they feel safe.”

- Carl Rogers




Coming from a humanistic and integrative approach I believe that we hold the answers to our struggles within ourselves. When we are part of a safe, supportive therapeutic relationship we can develop the insight and awareness to identify what is causing us distress or holding us back in our lives. With this clarity we can make healthier choices that can lead to more helpful ways of managing  difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours, thereby leading to a more fulfilling life.


I engage with each person I meet where they are at, my broad therapeutic skill set enables me to meet the individual needs of each client. My predominant way of working is through talk therapy. However, I also work with art, imagery and symbolism as a gateway to the unconscious and to give voice to the silenced parts of the self. I also draw upon the body as a therapeutic resource as it often holds the key to releasing beliefs and behaviours that are preventing us from growing into our authentic self.

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

 - Friedrich Nietzsche

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